Stockman’s All Around Blade – Unfinished – UF357


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*Not heat treated

Quite possibly the only blade you will ever need to carry! This multi-use blade is made of premium D-2 steel and is meant to be carried as a belt or boot knife. It was designed to cover a variety of uses for the stockman, hunter and fisherman. A unique feature to this blade is a 6mm square hole on the rear of the handle for attaching a lanyard or for removing aluminum hubs from syringes when vaccinating or doctoring livestock. The pin holes are also conveniently spaced so the handle can be shortened to make a nice conceal carry knife if desired. This blade will be your go to!

Steel type: D2 steel
Steel Finish: Unfinished
Grind: Flat grind
Overall length: 6 3/16 inches overall
Sharpened Blade Length: 2 3/8 inch cutting blade
Blade Width: At point: 11/16 inch At Butt: 3⁄4 inch
Blade thickness: 1/8 thick
Pin holes: Three 5/32 pin holes
Lanyard hole: 1⁄4 inch
Other: 6mm x 6mm square cutout


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