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The “Zephyr” dagger.

The Zephyr is named after the Greek God of wind and messenger of spring. This functional art dagger with the lines and elegance on ancient art conceals it deadly function. The design is from the bearing of kings and prices that wanted a unique design un-affordable by their subjects.

This stunning dagger comes as a kit with two handle choices.  Blue G10 handles and bone handles.

The over all length is 8 1/2″.  The double edged blade is 5 1/2″.  It is made of a single billet that is 9 mm (0.35) thick, very thick.  The process to make this blade is by computer numerical control (CNC) router. Each ridge and valley on the blade is individually cut out.  Only six a day can be made.  We then do a process called “stonewashed” it is a process that acid dips the metal to get it dark hue then we electroplate plate a titanium color for the finish color.

The design fits in the palm which ergonomically and functionally lethal for someone on the business end of this blade.

There is only 100 of these made and if you want a Prince like dagger.  Limited offering.

1 review for CNC DAGGER KIT W/BOX *discontinued

  1. Shannon (verified owner)

    I got this for my husband for Christmas. He was excited and loved it. I would highly recommend as a gift for your knife maker or as a project for yourself.

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