SM407K Megalodon Extra Long Fillet w/ Custom Leather Sheath

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Megalodon Extra Large Fish Fillet w/custom leather sheath

Megalodon meaning 'big tooth', is an extinct shark that lived millions of years ago and fossil remains suggest it got up to 60' in length. 
We have had off the boat demand from fishermen wanting a slightly stiffer work horse fillet knife from all parts of the world. It will make easy work of a Salmon, Grouper, Snook, King Mackerel and Wahoo. This brightly polished and extra sharp blade meets and exceeds an avid fisherman's expectations. In fact it is so strong it may be used as a boning knife for beef, lamb or game meats. This kit includes a custom sheath made from harness leather in the mountains of NW Georgia.

This is a Bernard Mathieu Creation

Overall length:
Cutting edge: 11 1/2"
Pin holes: (3) 5/32"
9CR14 Stainless Steel