SKS19 Bernardo's Boning/Fillet Knife Blank

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Bernardo's Boning/Fillet Knife Blank

This boning knife can also be used to tackle a tough filleting job.  It is designed by our VP of Operations, Bernie Mathieu or "Bernardo" to his close buddies.  As a chef and an avid fisherman, he wanted one dual purpose knife to handle his needs.  He ground down our Megalodon and reshaped it to come up with this design.  It is a limited edition hand ground blade. If it does well we will put it in production. In order to use his name we have to say that Bernie Loves his Boner....


Overall Length: 11"

Cutting Edge: 6.5"

Pin Holes: (2) 5/32 pin holes (1) 7/32 center hole


RC57 +/-