SCPTS Pull Tight Screw System

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Pull tight torque screws handle system.

These are sold individually and are a great way of anchoring you handle material to the blade securely. When ordering if you need 4 please put 4 in the quantity.

The s2, s7, s9, s13, 15, s16, s17, s38, s40, s43, s80 SM16, s407, s411, s777, s999 +

Countersink your handle and attach this system for super secure fit.

Allen wrench to tight

OAL 13.25mm / 5/8"

Shaft L. 12.7mm / 1/2"

Shaft Diameter 3.8mm / .153"

Head Diameter 6.5mm / .257"

Female Slot size 2.5mm /.218"

Male 5.5mm