SCNC183 The 'T3' Terminator

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With developing technology in the knife industry every once in awhile

something new a radical comes alive and is made available.

This first knife blank of many to come was conceived via Computer Aided Design (CAD) and 100% manufactured via Computer Numerical Control (CNC)   

The blade is 100% integrated meaning this is one piece steel stock and not welded bolsters.


The design itself is unique and can not be duplicated by hand.  Sharp and ready to add handles.

The production process only allows us to make one at a time, only 6 per day can be made.

Limited quantity available.



Over all length: 8.25"

Cutting edge: 3.5"

(6) 1/8" pin holes

(2) 5/32" pin holes

Thickness .178" or 4.5 mm 9cr14 stainless steel RC57-58