S183 Satin Yukon Skinner

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Yukon Skinner

While hunting up in the Northwoods for whitetail I crossed the path of a moose.  I quickly felt insignificant both in caliber and skinner. 

Inspired out of real world experience I set out to design several skinners with the muscle, edge and force of use that could tackle any large cavity prey I needed to fillet. I have a large hand and this is one of my Frankensteins! - Doug Metzger

Blade is polished to a satin finish and has an aggressive thumb stop on the spine for a no slip hold while skinning. This is the Big Brother to our S7/SCF7 Raptor.  The finger hole in the center creates a non release while in use. Great DIY project you add handle or Para cord.  Overall an integral tool for the North-wood Viking in you.
Perfect fit with our SH100 Custom Leather Sheath.

Overall Length: 8 1/2"
Cutting Edge: 3 1/2"
Handle Area: 3 1/2"
Pin Holes: (6) 3/32" (1) 3/16" lanyard hole
Thickness: 3.5mm
9CR14 Stainless Steel
Rc 56-57