PB205 Appalachian Trail Machete

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Appalachian Trail Custom Machete 
This blank pre-shaped billet blade is perfect for customizing. Forged in Fire fans will love that it is very shape-able to grind, sand or change the perimeter to your desire. 
(Saves bounding and anvil time) 
What is unusual about this blade is that it makes a great canvas for the creative and serves a largely neglected group of trail blazers, hikers and deep woods hunters. A custom "one of a kind" design handle with a fully functioning outdoor blade is highly desirable.
"My real life experience hunting in the thickets of Northern Minnesota and getting lost in moose tracks I wished to God I had a blade to cut my way through the thickets." - Doug Metzger CEO Premium Knife Supply
The blank is coated with titanium and is made of a 1084 carbon steel. To drill the handle you will need a metal drill bit. Blade length 14" and handle 4 1/2"  2 mm gauge. Flexible but sturdy.  Semi-Sharpened so you can work on these easily.
The custom finished blades pictured are examples only they are not included.
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