Knife Geeks Lil Lion

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Knife Geeks Lil Lion Mini Multi Tool


I remember being in a free fall while parachuting over the great African Rift and my main chute was tangled up so I pulled out this little lion of a knife and cut away the line so I could get to my spare chute.  After a terrible scare and hard landing I really needed a beer and a local saw me land and came up to me on his bicycle.  Not knowing the local tongue I used the universal language for wanting a beer.  Hand in a semi-circle and being lifted up to the mouth.  He immediately understood but the brakes needed to be tightened on his again I whipped out my tool and tightened the brakes. The local went along to retrieve cold and well deserved beers for us both.  On his return I used my knife's best feature, the bottle opener.  We just sat there telling BS stories to each other.  This knife is just not a utility knife but also a like savior. I highly recommend it for it's low profile and un-noticeable weight in my pocket but real handy for real world events.

 Doug Metzger the J. Peterman of Premium Knife

Knife includes 4 slot wrench, bottle opener, screw driver and a sheep's foot blade



Overall Length Open: 3.5”
Length Closed: 2.75”
Blade Length: 1”
Stainless Steel
Metal Handles
Sturdy Pocket/Belt Clip